Cadet Competition

Cadet Competition, as outlined in the 2015 revision of CAPM 52-4, is the squadron's newest special team.

Per CAPM 52-1, the goals of Cadet Competition are:

  1. Promote excellence in squadron-level cadet programs. NCC’s contribution in this goal area is measured in two ways. First, total cadet participation, system-wide, is measured year-to-year, using the 2010 data set as the initial baseline. Second, the average annualized cadet promotion rate for participating squadrons will be compared with the non-participating squadrons’ average.
  2. Promote individual excellence and learning in leadership, aerospace, fitness, and character. This is measured through end-of-activity self and peer assessments, with a goal of achieving an average score of 4.0 or better out of 5.0.
  3. Showcase today’s cadets as tomorrow’s aerospace leaders. This public relations goal is measured quantitatively through media mentions and impressions, year-to-year, and qualitatively through partnerships maintained or strengthened with aerospace industry, senior military officials, educational leaders, and other natural stakeholders.
  4. Achieve ever-increasing programmatic efficiency and return on investment. This goal is measured in terms of the budget performance for appropriated and corporate funds expended at the national level, and through feedback from teams and the NCC staff’s after action reports.