Major Creed Completes Highest Level of the Senior Member Professional Development Program

Post date: Jun 7, 2013 2:57:00 PM

Congratulations to the squadron commander, Major Creed, on completing the highest level of the Senior Member Professional Development Program, Level V, and being a recipient of the Gill Robb Wilson Award.

Level V focuses on executive-level management. To complete Level V, Major Creed completed the prior four levels of the program in addition to providing mentorship to junior officers, providing support at CAP senior member professional development training weekends, serving as a staff officer for at least three years, and graduating from the National Staff College held at Maxwell Air Force Base.

Major Creed holds two master ratings (Administration and Information Technology), two technician ratings (Cadet Programs and Public Affairs), and a mission scanner qualification. Major Creed has been awarded a Meritorious Service Ribbon, two Commander's Commendations, and two Achievement Awards. Major Creed has served with the squadron since 2006, most recently as the squadron commander for the past year, and has served at all levels within Civil Air Patrol.