Ground Team Training Weekend

Post date: Sep 5, 2012 5:31:41 PM

On the weekend of August 11-12th, four cadets and one senior member from our squadron began their journey towards qualification as a Civil Air Patrol Ground Team Member. Once certified, they will be ready to be called upon day or night to perform Search and Rescue, Disaster Relief, and many other missions for either the Air Force or other emergency management agencies. The first day of training covered an array of topics required to be a safe and effective member of a search team. These classroom lessons were augmented by hands-on demonstrations and practical examinations to ensure that the students understood the material. Some of these activities included a land navigation course, carrying a patient on a stretcher, locating a distress beacon, conducting a line search, and using ground to air signalling. The second day wrapped up the formal instruction and it was time for the students to prove what they could do. They were dispatched on a simulated mission to locate a "missing aircraft" and successfully located their target. This was a valuable experience in that it brought together all the topics they learned over the weekend and showed first hand how you must rely on your training to adapt to an ever-changing operational environment. Maj Hrinko, C/1st Lt Peters, and C/TSgt Gochneaur served as the instructors for the weekend. You can check out the photos here.