Glider Orientation Flights

Post date: Oct 2, 2014 9:19:25 PM

With only a day's notice, our squadron was able to complete an outstanding day of glider orientation flights on Sunday, 28 September 2014! The day started early with a 2.5 hour drive to Marion Municipal Airport in Marion, Ohio. The

cadets received their introductory briefing and then it was time to fly! The cadets each got a chance to get towed to 3,000 ft where they released from the tow plane and had the chance to fly an un-powered aircraft under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor pilot. Some of the cadets had never even flown in a plane before, and here they were, actually piloting a glider! When they weren't in the air the cadets were helping launch the glider, recording the day's operations, and having fun getting to know their fellow cadets better. A total of twelve flights were completed between C/TSgt Baluck, C/A1C K. Bowman, C/A1C Z. Bowman, C/A1C Holk, C/A1C Neff, C/A1C Shander, C/Amn Hartley, and C/Amn Holden. Senior Excorts were Maj Hrinko, 1st Lt Hrinko, SM H. Holk, and SM W. Holk. Special thanks goes out to our glider pilots Lt Col Flowers, Maj Moos, and Capt Hawk; our tow pilot Maj Rowe; and all others who helped make the day possible behind the scenes. It was a great day to build an appreciation of aerospace in our cadets!Visit our squadon's Facebook album for more of the day's photos!

CAP Glider Orientation Flight