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Squadron Patch

Heraldry Blazon:  On two primary fields with a central element.  At the center of the design, an argent colored diving eagle clasping direction finding equipment and superimposed upon a diagonal gules bar, symbolizes fast, professional response in order to save lives.  The predominantly vert Sinister base area, symbolizing the ground and our unit’s primary area of operations, contains three sable squares. These conversely represent the three missions of the Civil Air Patrol, as well as our membership in Group III of Ohio Wing.  The azure Dexter chief area represents the sky and our parent organization, the United States Air Force.  Within this field lies an argent stylized “051” composed entirely of right angles and parallel lines, symbolizing our unit’s charter number and drive for sustained professionalism, excellence, and precision.  The azure scroll contains the words “Youngstown” and “Warren”, the two major metropolitan areas making up our membership.  Historically, it stands for the Youngstown Composite Squadron and the Warren Composite Squadron whose members joined together to form our modern unit.

Designer: William Hrinko, Jr.

Designed: July 2004