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2016 Radio Controlled Flight Day a Success

posted Sep 15, 2016, 10:50 AM by William Hrinko
2016 Radio Controlled Flight Day
2016 Radio Controlled Flight Day
What a lucky break! After a week of thunderstorms, we ended up with a few hour window of good weather on the morning of Saturday, 13 August 2016 that just happened to coincide with our scheduled Remote-Controlled Flight Day. This activity was part of our Remote-Controlled Aircraft STEM Kit provided by Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters. To accomplish this, we partnered with the Nighthawks Rc Club at the former Youngstown Executive Airport in North Jackson, OH. Their flight instructors expertly taught our cadets how to control the Calypso motor glider included in the STEM Kit. Later on in the day when the winds became too strong for the glider, some of their members volunteered their aircraft to allow the cadets to continue learning. In addition to our own RC flight education, we got to watch the club fly some of their other RC Aircraft and perform some exciting manuevers. We are very grateful to the NightHawks RC Club for their assistance and we look forward to working with them again in the future! Participating cadets were C/1st Lt Kanning, C/SMSgt Kennedy, C/SMSgt Mackall, C/SSgt Parent, C/A1C Foust, C/A1C Kim, and C/Amn McNeely. Senior escorts were 1st Lt Gruber and 2d Lt Gruber. Thank you to 1st Lt Gruber and C/SMSgt Mackall for organizing this activity and seeing it through.